Hello Lilipoupoli

“Hello Lilipoupolis” was a radio show in the Third State Programme of Greek radio which ran by the great composer Mano Hadjidaki. Lilipoupoli was the stories, the heroes, our childhood, the mischief, the games, the tenderness, the truth, the songs.

With the initial movement of Hadjidakis 34 years ago, Lilipoupoli was invented by certain young creative people who believed that the children had the ability to understand the grown-up world and participate actively in it.The grown-ups though, wanted to become like children and live in this fantastic but also (very much) real land.

As a result, Lilipoupoli become part of their lives, every morning for 4 whole years and manage to leave her mark indelible in time. In this publication there are for the very first time all the 43 songs of Lilipoupoli in music scores for voice and piano