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Alexandros Papalexis implements the collage technique on a large scale, in order to create many of his illustrations. Apart from the photography material (which is in many cases very old), he makes extensive use of prints, symbols, letters, historical machine designs, maps and his own natural designs. He definitely takes advantage of his own childhood memories, but he doesn’t stop there. Within his every work, design, typography and photography are running through the centuries with a sense of romance and nostalgia for everything that has been lost and is no longer around us (apart from some that are being kept in museums). Above all, it is clear from his work that design has been evolved through the centuries in the most important language in this world, the language of heart, imagination, sensitivity and change.

Alexandros Papalexis joined Society6 on November 2, 2011:  https://society6.com/alexandrospapalexis