Not only for designers (personal concept)

As a graphic designer I wondered many times why the artwork of the products in the super markets, follows a specific aesthetic. Why the marketing departments of the big brands when they are looking for the new product identity, they want my design proposals in the same direction. If the product was a “romantic comedy” movie, a director who made a success with a particular script would have to repeat the success with a new “romantic comedy”. My several works as a type designer, led me to a different point of view. I think everyday products like snacks for example, could be extremely attractive, and very consumerist with protagonist the typography. To prove the correctness of my position, I created my own brand “typo: not only for designers”, because I know that there are many people who are looking for a different point of view. My first design work is about a favorite snack for all ages: “chocolate”. Enjoy TYPO CHOCOLATE in our featured best packaging designs at